Comprehensive legal services
Comprehensive legal services

Shanghai Hi-join Law Firm is a comprehensive law office. Corporate law is one of our core practices. We are capable of providing high quality services to a wide range of clients including multinationals, large and medium state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, and government organs with our extensive experience accumulated over many years. Our lawyers are expertsin providing on-going advice to clients on corporate, labor, real estate and taxation-related legal and regulatory issues.

Special legal services in the process of enterprise’s existence from establishment to termination

Our Expertise

a.Establish any Kinds of Enterprises for Clients

b.Corporate Governance

c.Increment, Reduction and/or Transfer of Capital, Corporate Merger

Mergers and Acquisitions (M & A)

Our Expertise


b.Strategic Investments

c.Stock & Asset Acquisitions


Contract Management

Our Expertise

a.Contract Concluding

b.Contract Negotiations

c.Contract Process Management

d.Contract Review

e.Model Contract

Human Resources Management(HRM) / Labor Contract Law Services

Our Expertise

a.Recruitment & Hire Management

b.Labor Contract Management

c.Labor Dispatch Management

d.Atypical Labor Relation Management

e.Wages and Welfare Management

f.Working Hours & Rest and Vacation Management

g.Social Insurance and Welfare Management

h.Job Training

i.Confidentiality and Non-Competition Management

j.Job Discipline, Regulations and Systems Management

k.Confidentiality Management

Intellectual Property

IP Legal

Our Expertise

a.IP Audits & Strategic IP Portfolio Management

b.Commercial IP Transactions

c.IP Due Diligence

IP Litigation

Our Expertise

a.Pursuing Review of Administrative Decisions

b.Civil Litigation for Intellectual Property Disputes


Our Expertise

a.Preparing & Prosecuting Patent Applications (Inventions, Utility Models and Designs)

b.Patent Reexamination & Invalidation Services

c.Pursuing Judicial Review of Administrative Decisions in Court

dAdvising on Patent Validity & Patent Infringement

e.Enforcing Patent Rights through Judicial & Administrative Channels

f.Enforcing Patent Rights through Customs

g.Providing Patent Search & Watch Services

h.Patent Annuity Management

i.Patent Portfolio Management

j.Advising on Strategies for Patent Protection

k.Advising on Patent Issues Arising in Commercial Transactions


Our Expertise

a.Advising on Strategies for Trademark & Copyright Protection

b.Managing Trademark & Copyright Portfolios

c.Providing Trademark Searches & Watch Services

d.Prosecuting Trademark Applications & Copyright Registrations

e.Undertaking Trademark Opposition Procedures, Reviews on Refusal & Cancellations

f.Pursuing Review of Administrative Decisions in Court

g.Conducting Market and Company Investigations & Due Diligence

h.Enforcing Trademark Rights & Copyrights through Administrative & Judicial Channels

i.Enforcing Trademark Rights via Customs

j.Advising on Trademark & Copyright-related Issues Arising in Commercial Transactions including Licensing & Franchising

k.Handling Domain Name Registrations & Dispute Resolution

l.Other Trademark & Copyright-related Matters

Real Estate & Construction Projects

Our Expertise

a.Development & Construction

b.Dispute Resolution



e.Planning & Land Use

f.Real Estate Management

g.Real Estate Finance

h.Real Estate Tax

i.Real Estate Sale

j.Rural Land Development

k.Foreign Real Estate

l.Project approval & Bid and Tender

m.Construction Contract Management & Risk Prevention

n.Survey, Design & Supervision

o.Project Construction Management and Risk Prevention

p.Final Acceptance of Construction

q.Project Funds Settlement

r.Safeguard Legal Rights for Construction Company

s.permanent legal advisor for Construction Company

t.Special Construction Project Legal Counsel

Reform of State-owned Enterprise & Transference of Property Rights

We are keeping a long-term cooperative relationship with SUAEE and Shanghai Intellectual Property Rights Exchange, we are the expert in this area and have plenty of resources to use.

Our Expertise





e.Share Transference

f.Asset Transference

Mining, Energy & Natural Resources

Our Expertise

a.Concession Agreements

b.Area of Mutual Interest Agreements

c.Joint Bidding Contracts

d.Joint Operating Agreements

e.Production Handling Agreements

f.EPC Contracts

g.Project Structuring

h.Cross-Border Pipeline Projects

i.Transportation Agreements

j.Master Time Charters

k.Feedstock Purchase Agreements

l.Product Sales Agreements

m.Build Own Operate Transfer Agreements

n.EPC Contracts

Taxation Management

Our Expertise

a.General Tax Planning

b.M&A-related Taxation

c.Supply Chain-related Taxation

d.Employment-related Taxation

e.Real Estate Tax

f.Indirect Taxation

g.Transfer Pricing

h.Tax Dispute Resolution

i.Corporate Reorganization

Antitrust & Competition

Our Expertise

a.Merger Control Filings

b.Antitrust Compliance and Advisory Work

c.Representing Clients in Antitrust Administrative Investigation

d.Antitrust Litigation

International trade

Our Expertise

a.Customs Measures and Other Import & Export Business

b.Trade Remedies

c.U.S. Section 337 Investigations

d.WTO Dispute Settlement

Maritime & Shipping

Our Expertise

a.Marine Contracts

b.Admiralty Cases

c.Marine Insurance

d.Shipbuilding, Sales & Purchase, Ship Finance

e.International Trade Disputes

f.Other Maritime Disputes


Strategic Planning on Copyright Safe & Appreciation

Copyright Comprehensive Protection, Including Property Right and Personal Right

International Copyright Protection

Creative Culture Development Funds

Culture Industry Funds

Legal Service to Investment and Financing in Culture Industry

Art PE

Collective Copyright Legal Protection

Special Legal Services for Educational Institution


Strategic Planning on Sport Asset

Legal Services to International Sports

Legal Services to Sports Security

Investment and Financing in Sports Industry

Develop Special Funds for Sports Industry


Strategic Protection to Mass Media Asset

Legal Services to International Media

Legal Protection to Information and Network Security of Media Institution

Public Figure Legal Services

Investment and Financing in Media Industry

Protection to The Right of Information Through Internet Communication

Legal Risk Prevention in Civil, Criminal and Administrative Litigation

Legal Risk Prevention for Enterprise and Senior Executive